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Privacy Policy

The following is the Privacy Policy (“Privacy Policy”) of this Website currently in effect as of the date written below, subject to amendment. Together with the and, such constitutes the Agreement between EZ SPACES, LLC and the Customer, a visitor to this Website or a Member of our Services. Before proceeding to access the Website and/or use any Services, a Customer must ensure that all provisions are read, understood, and agreed.

EZ SPACES, LLC Policy and Other Parties

This Privacy Policy solely regards EZ SPACES, LLC and its practices. EZ SPACES, LLC does not control and cannot describe and/or guarantee to privacy policies of other parties, including Providers and companies which may be accessed through the Website. Caution should be exercised by a Customer when considering providing any private information, especially when the Customer has left the Website.

Customer’s Private Information

A Customer may choose to provide to EZ SPACES, LLC information which contains personal identifying information (“Customer’s Private Information”), this is treated differently than the Customer’s Public Information which may have been submitted with a request that EZ SPACES, LLC post such in the Public Area of the website (such as blog entries, reviews, etc.). Customer’s Private Information may include, but is not limited to: first and last name, username and password, date of birth, gender, preferred geographic areas, etc.; email addresses may be collected and are separately addressed below. A Customer is not obligated to provide Private Information, however the absence of full information may affect the functionality of the Website and the ability to provide Services and, in such circumstances, EZ SPACES, LLC may determine that a particular Customer’s registration is insufficient to complete. Notwithstanding the foregoing, no Customer shall provide false Private Information. In no event does EZ SPACES, LLC sell or otherwise share Customer’s Private Information with third parties.

EZ SPACES, LLC Security Protocols

EZ SPACES, LLC has established protocols for safeguarding all Private Information, with both physical and electronic security measures which are, from time to time, analyzed for utility. Although EZ SPACES, LLC cannot guarantee that Private Information will never be stolen by third parties, it does use high standards of care to protect Private Information from unauthorized disclosure. Such measures currently include using 256 bit SSL encryption through GeoTrust to ensure that sensitive data is encrypted and storing all customer credit card information with our secure payment gateway provider, Authorize.net.

Non-Private Information Automatically Collected from Website Users

When the Website is accessed by Customers, whether or not registered, certain information will be automatically collected from and information deposited to the Customer’s computer. The items collected do not contain personally-identifiable information and are intended to understand the Customer’s use of the Website, improve its functionality, and allow for customized experience. Types of such information may include:

A. Cookies. Small files which are stored on the Customer’s hard drive to allow the Customer to avoid having to re-enter data when the Website is revisited; such data regards user preferences, history of pages visited, etc. A Customer may delete or block cookies.

B. Traffic Data. The collection of a Customer’s IP address, domain server, type of computer, type of browsers, website from which a Customer came to the Website and to which a Customer may thereafter link, and similar information.

With regard to cookies, traffic data, and similar information, none contain Customer’s Private Information or any other personally identifying information. EZ SPACES, LLC may utilize such non-private information for its own research purposes and may share non-personally identifying information with third parties.

Communications from EZ SPACES, LLC or Third Parties

EZ SPACES, LLC will utilize a Customer’s contact information, including email and telephone, to provide Services. It may from time to time send to Customers special offers, promotional materials, system upgrade alerts, notices of changes to this Agreement, other information and similar communications. EZ SPACES, LLC may, based upon the preferences of Customers, provide email contact information to third parties which may offer services or products of interest to a Customer. All Customers shall have an “opt-out” right from having email contact information shared with third parties. Further, Customers shall have an opt-out right as to promotional and similar non-essential types of communications from EZ SPACES, LLC. In the circumsEZ SPACES, LLCtance that a Customer desires to exercise this opt-out, contact may be made to [email protected]. If a Customer desires to receive no communications from EZ SPACES, LLC, the registration must be terminated.

EZ SPACES, LLC Contractors and Assignees

From time to time EZ SPACES, LLC may contract with others to assist in maintaining the Website and providing Services (“EZ SPACES, LLC Contractors”). In all such cases the contractors shall be bound by the terms of this Agreement, as amended. Under such agreements, including the covenants of this Agreement, EZ SPACES, LLC may allow on a limited, need-to-know basis, access by EZ SPACES, LLC Contractors to Customer’s Private Information and other information. EZ SPACES, LLC will employ the same standards of care to supervise the use thereof by such EZ SPACES, LLC Contractors. No other entities other than EZ SPACES, LLC Contractors shall be provided such access.

Legal Demands for Disclosure

Although rare, EZ SPACES, LLC may be required to disclose a Customer’s information when required by law. In such instances, it shall reasonably endeavor to contact the subject Customer of a pending demand for information before compliance. In no event shall EZ SPACES, LLC be liable for any consequences of its good-faith compliance in response to any written demand by or through a judicial or governmental agency authority. Should a Customer initiate proceedings to contest a demand, then the Customer shall be responsible for the attorneys’ fees and costs incurred by EZ SPACES, LLC in such proceeding. In the event that EZ SPACES, LLC is compelled to make the disclosure before a Customer can advised, then EZ SPACES, LLC shall provide notice thereof as soon as possible thereafter. Notice shall be sufficient by dispatch to the Customer’s email address of record.

rev: 12/29/12

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